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platform What Are Bots https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/msteams-docs/commits/main/msteams-platform/bots/what-are-bots.md
You can use the Teams bot APIs to get information for members of a chat or team.
## See also * [Create a bot for Teams](~/bots/how-to/create-a-bot-for-teams.md)
+* [How Microsoft Teams bots work](/azure/bot-service/bot-builder-basics-teams)
* [Register calls and meetings bot for Microsoft Teams](~/bots/calls-and-meetings/registering-calling-bot.md) * [Add authentication to your Teams bot](~/bots/how-to/authentication/add-authentication.md) * [Bot activity handlers](~/bots/bot-basics.md)
platform Understand Use Cases https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/msteams-docs/commits/main/msteams-platform/concepts/design/understand-use-cases.md
Title: Understanding your app's use cases and Teams features
-description: Plan your app, understand your user and their need, understand the user problems that your app would solve, plan user authentication and their onboarding experience
+description: In this article learn about Microsoft Teams app capabilities, plan your Teams app, understand your app user and their needs, understand the user problems that your Teams app would solve, plan user authentication and their onboarding experience.
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platform Create New Project https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/msteams-docs/commits/main/msteams-platform/toolkit/create-new-project.md
You can explore and download samples and either run your app locally or remotely
For more information, see [Create a new Teams Tab app (React)](/microsoftteams/platform/sbs-gs-javascript?tabs=vscode%2Cvsc%2Cviscode%2Cvcode&tutorial-step=2).
+## Step-by-step guides using Teams Toolkit
+* [Build a Teams app with Blazor](../sbs-gs-blazorapp.yml)
+* [Build a Teams app with JavaScript using React](../sbs-gs-javascript.yml)
+* [Build a Teams app with SPFx](../sbs-gs-spfx.yml)
+* [Build a Teams app with C# or .NET](../sbs-gs-csharp.yml)
+ ## See also * [Provision cloud resources](provision.md)