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When planning how to monetize your Teams app, here are some things to consider:
* Learn how [Azure Active Directory single sign-on (SSO)](/azure/marketplace/azure-ad-saas) helps your customers purchase and manage subscriptions. (Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) SSO is required for Teams apps with SaaS offers.) * Understand that you're responsible for managing and paying for the infrastructure required to support your customers' use of your SaaS offer. * Plan for mobile. To avoid violating third-party app store policies, your app can't include links that allow users to purchase subscription plans on mobile. However, you can still indicate if your app has features that require a subscription plan. For more information, see the related [commercial marketplace certification policies](/legal/marketplace/certification-policies#114048-mobile-experience).
+* Teams currently doesn't support flat rate pricing models. However, you can create a flat rate transactable offer in Partner Center. For more information, see [best practices for selling a flat rate transactable offer](#best-practices-for-selling-a-flat-rate-transactable-offer).
## Integrate with the SaaS Fulfillment APIs
See [create a SaaS offer](/azure/marketplace/create-new-saas-offer) for complete
We strongly recommend that you verify the end-to-end purchasing experience before publishing your SaaS offer. You can do this by creating a separate offer just for testing. For complete information, see [test offer overview](/azure/marketplace/plan-saas-offer#test-offer), [create a test offer](/azure/marketplace/create-saas-dev-test-offer), and [preview your offer](/azure/marketplace/test-publish-saas-offer). > [!IMPORTANT]
-> You can test an end-to-end transaction in Teams until your app completes store validation. For more information see, [Test preview for monetized apps](Test-preview-for-monetized-apps.md).
+> You can test an end-to-end transaction in Teams until your app completes store validation. For more information, see [Test preview for monetized apps](Test-preview-for-monetized-apps.md).
From a Teams standpoint, these tests must verify that the number of licenses and assignments match whatΓÇÖs in the Teams admin center when users:
If you unlink a SaaS offer included in your Teams store listing, you must republ
1. Select **Distribute > Publish to the Teams store**. 1. Select **Open Partner Center** to begin the process of republishing your app without the offer.
+## Best practices for selling a flat rate transactable offer
+1. Create your [flat rate transactable SaaS offer](/azure/marketplace/plan-saas-offer) and [publish to AppSource](/azure/marketplace/test-publish-saas-offer).
+1. Link your [SaaS offer to the Teams app](/azure/marketplace/create-new-saas-offer) in Partner Center.
+ > [!CAUTION]
+ > Don't add the Offer ID and Publisher ID to the app manifest. The app won't pass the Teams store submission process.
+1. Build an in-app message in your Teams app that a subscription is needed and provide a hyperlink to your SaaS offer in AppSource to promote your flat rate offer.
+ > [!NOTE]
+ > Ensure any marketplace links don't appear on mobile and tablet devices to adhere to [third-party app store policies](/legal/marketplace/certification-policies).
+1. Submit your app for validation.
+1. After Teams marketplace supports flat rate pricing, update your app manifest with the Offer ID and Publisher ID and resubmit your app for validation.
+ ## See also [Maintaining and supporting your published app](../post-publish/overview.md)
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As you test your messaging extension, you can identify the source (originating f
To preview your app running in Outlook on the web: 1. Log in to [outlook.com](https://www.outlook.com) using credentials for your test tenant.
-1. Click on **New message**.
-1. Open the **More apps** flyout menu on the bottom of the composition window.
+1. Select **New message**.
+1. Open **More apps** flyout menu on the bottom of the composition window.
+ Your messaging extension will be listed. You can invoke it from there and use it just as you would while composing a message in Teams.
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With this preview, you can extend your search-based Teams messaging extensions t
After sideloading to Teams, your messaging extension appears as one of your installed apps within the Outlook compose message area. + ## Next steps Set up your dev environment for extending Teams apps across Microsoft 365: