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platform Extend M365 Teams Personal Tab https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/msteams-docs/commits/main/msteams-platform/m365-apps/extend-m365-teams-personal-tab.md
If your app makes use of [Content Security Policy](https://developer.mozilla.org
|Microsoft 365 host| frame-ancestor permission| |--|--| | Teams | `teams.microsoft.com` |
-| Office | `*.office.com` |
-| Outlook | `outlook.office.com`, `outlook.office365.com`, `outlook-sdf.office.com`, `outlook-sdf.office365.com` |
+| Office | `*.microsoft365.com`, `*.office.com` |
+| Outlook | `outlook.live.com`, `outlook.office.com`, `outlook.office365.com`, `outlook-sdf.office.com`, `outlook-sdf.office365.com` |
## Update Azure AD app registration for SSO
platform Add Capability https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/msteams-docs/commits/main/msteams-platform/toolkit/add-capability.md
Adding capabilities with Teams Toolkit helps you to include additional features
|**Scenario-based Teams app**| | | Notification bot | Notification bot proactively sends messages in Teams channel or group chat or personal chat. You can trigger the notification bot with a HTTP request, such as cards or texts. |SSO-enabled tab, tab| | Command bot | Command bot allows you to automate repetitive tasks using a command bot. It responds to simple commands sent in chats with adaptive cards. |SSO-enabled tab, tab|
+| Workflow bot| Workflow bot allows users to interact with an Adaptive Card enabled by the Adaptive Card action handler feature in the workflow bot app.|SSO-enabled tab, tab|
> [!NOTE] > You can add tabs up to 16 instances. As for your bot and message extension, you can add one for each instance at a time.
The following table shows the changes that can be seen in the files of your app
## Step-by-step guide
-* Follow the [step-by-step](../sbs-gs-commandbot.yml) guide to build command bot in Microsoft Teams
+* Follow the [step-by-step](../sbs-gs-commandbot.yml) guide to build command bot in Microsoft Teams.
* Follow the [step-by-step](../sbs-gs-notificationbot.yml) guide to build notification bot in Microsoft Teams.
+* Follow the [step-by-step](../sbs-gs-workflow-bot.yml) guide to build workflow bot in Microsoft Teams.
+ ## See also * [Provision cloud resources](provision.md)
platform Whats New https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/msteams-docs/commits/main/msteams-platform/whats-new.md
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Discover Microsoft Teams platform features that are generally available (GA). You can now get latest Teams platform updates by subscribing to the RSS feed [![download feed](~/assets/images/RSSfeeds.png)](https://aka.ms/TeamsPlatformUpdates). For more information, see [configure RSS feed](#get-latest-updates). ## Generally available
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Microsoft Teams platform features that are available to all app developers.
**2022 October**
+* ***October 27, 2022***: [Introducing Workflow bot for Teams](sbs-gs-workflow-bot.yml)
* ***October 26, 2022***: [Build an in-meeting document signing app](apps-in-teams-meetings/build-apps-for-teams-meeting-stage.md#build-an-in-meeting-document-signing-app) * ***October 19, 2022***: [Developer Portal for Teams is now available for GCC tenants](concepts/build-and-test/teams-developer-portal.md). * ***October 13, 2022***: [Configure NavBar and create an overflow menu for multiple actions](concepts/design/personal-apps.md#configure-and-add-multiple-actions-in-navbar).