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@@ -43,15 +43,15 @@ To view, edit, or remove information segments for a site, use the [Active sites
The Segments column lists the first segment associated with the site and shows whether the site has additional segments associated. [Learn how to show or move this column](manage-sites-in-new-admin-center.md#customize-columns)
-![Segments column on the Active sites page.](media/segments-column.png)
+![Segments column on the Active sites page.](media/info-barriers-segments-column.png)
To view the complete list of segments associated with a site, select the site, and then select the **Policies** tab.
-![Policies tab of the details panel listing all associated segments.](media/info-segments-details.png)
+![Policies tab of the details panel listing all associated segments.](media/info-barriers-segments-details.png)
To edit the segments associated with the site, select **Edit**, add or remove segments, and then select **Save**.
-![Edit information segments panel.](media/edit-info-segments.png)
+![Edit information segments panel.](media/info-barriers-edit-info-segments.png)
## Use PowerShell to associate segments with a site