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--- Previously updated : 07/12/2021 Last updated : 08/13/2021 Title: Compatibility Aliases description: PowerShell has several aliases that allow UNIX and cmd.exe users to use familiar commands. ---
| **ren** | **mv** | `Rename-Item` | `rni`, `ren` | | **type** | **cat** | `Get-Content` | `gc`, `cat`, `type` |
-To find all PowerShell aliases, use the [Get-Alias](xref:Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility.Get-Alias)
+> [!NOTE]
+> The aliases in this table are Windows-specific. _Some_ of the aliases are not available on other
+> platforms. This is to allow the native command to work in a PowerShell session. For example, `ls`
+> is not a PowerShell alias on macOS but uses the native command to display directory contents.
+To find all PowerShell aliases available in your environment, use the [Get-Alias](xref:Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility.Get-Alias)
cmdlet. To display a cmdlet's aliases, use the **Definition** parameter and specify the cmdlet name. Or, to find an alias's cmdlet name, use the **Name** parameter and specify the alias.
CommandType Name
Alias gci -> Get-ChildItem ``` - ## See Also - [about_Aliases](/powershell/module/microsoft.powershell.core/about/about_aliases)