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--- Title: Installing PowerShell on Windows description: Information about installing PowerShell on Windows Previously updated : 04/27/2021 Last updated : 06/24/2021 --- # Installing PowerShell on Windows
To install PowerShell on Windows, download the [latest][] install package from G
find the latest [preview][] version. Scroll down to the **Assets** section of the Release page. The **Assets** section may be collapsed, so you may need to click to expand it.
+> [!NOTE]
+> The installation commands in this article are for the latest releases of PowerShell. To install a
+> different version of PowerShell, adjust the command to match the version you need. To see all
+> PowerShell releases, visit the [releases][] page in the PowerShell repository on GitHub.
+ ## <a id="msi" />Installing the MSI package The MSI file looks like `PowerShell-<version>-win-<os-arch>.msi`. For example: