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>*[Microsoft 365 licensing guidance for security & compliance](/office365/servicedescriptions/microsoft-365-service-descriptions/microsoft-365-tenantlevel-services-licensing-guidance/microsoft-365-security-compliance-licensing-guidance).* > [!NOTE]
-> This feature is in preview and subject to change. It will require a [Microsoft Syntex Advanced Management license](/sharepoint/advanced-management) when the feature becomes generally available (GA).
+> This feature is in preview and subject to change. It will be included with [Microsoft Syntex Advanced Management license](/sharepoint/advanced-management) when the feature becomes generally available (GA).
When SharePoint is [enabled for sensitivity labels](sensitivity-labels-sharepoint-onedrive-files.md), you can configure a default label for document libraries. Then, any new files uploaded to that library, or existing files edited in the library will have that label applied if they don't already have a sensitivity label, or they have a sensitivity label but with [lower priority](sensitivity-labels.md#label-priority-order-matters).
To map sensitivity label GUIDs to label names, use the [Get-Label](/powershell/m
```powershell Get-Label -Identity "<GUID>" | Name
+## How to turn off this feature
+If you need to, you can turn off this feature that supports a default sensitivity label for SharePoint document libraries. This is a tenant-level setting that requires you to use the [Set-SPOTenant](/powershell/module/sharepoint-online/set-spotenant) cmdlet with the *DisableDocumentLibraryDefaultLabeling* parameter set to **True** by using the current [SharePoint Online Management Shell](/powershell/sharepoint/sharepoint-online/connect-sharepoint-online):
+Set-SpoTenant -DisableDocumentLibraryDefaultLabeling $true
+After you run this command, you won't see the option to configure **Default sensitivity labels** for a document library. You won't be able to select a default sensitivity label for new or existing libraries.
+For document libraries that were previously configured for a default sensitivity label:
+- The label selection for the document library remains but is deactivated so new files won't have the selected sensitivity label applied.
+- Sensitivity labels that were applied as a default label aren't removed.
+As with all tenant-level configuration changes for SharePoint, it takes about 15 minutes for the change to take effect.
+ ## Next steps Default labeling ensures a minimum level of protection but doesn't take into account the file contents that might require a higher level of protection. Consider supplementing this labeling method with [automatic labeling](apply-sensitivity-label-automatically.md) that uses content inspection, and encourage [manual labeling](https://support.microsoft.com/office/apply-sensitivity-labels-to-your-files-and-email-in-office-2f96e7cd-d5a4-403b-8bd7-4cc636bae0f9) for users to replace the default label when needed.
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Whether it be adding new solutions to the [Microsoft Purview compliance portal](
- **In preview**: For mandatory labeling, Outlook for Android in the Beta Channel supports a setting that you can configure with Microsoft Intune to [prompt users to select a sensitivity label when they first compose an email](sensitivity-labels-office-apps.md#for-outlook-mobile-change-when-users-are-prompted-for-a-label) instead of when they send it. - **In preview**: Now rolling out in preview to SharePoint and Teams, users can select and change a sensitivity label from the details pane from these apps when [sensitivity labels are enabled for Office files in SharePoint and OneDrive](sensitivity-labels-sharepoint-onedrive-files.md). - **Removal of restrictions for prevent copying chat for protected meetings**: The label setting that [prevents copying chat to the clipboard](sensitivity-labels-meetings.md#prevent-copying-chat-to-the-clipboard-label-setting) now supports users outside your organization and also users who join a chat but weren't invited to the meeting.
+- **Ability to turn off the default sensitivity label for SharePoint document libraries**: If you don't want SharePoint site admins to be able to configure a default sensitivity label for SharePoint document libraries, you can now [turn off this feature](sensitivity-labels-sharepoint-default-label.md#how-to-turn-off-this-feature) as a tenant-level setting.
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