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azure-arc Upload Metrics And Logs To Azure Monitor https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/azure-docs/commits/main/articles/azure-arc/data/upload-metrics-and-logs-to-azure-monitor.md
Example output:
## Verify service principal role ```azurecli
-az role assignment list -o table
+az role assignment list --scope subscriptions/<SubscriptionID>/resourceGroups/<resourcegroup> -o table
``` With the service principal assigned to the appropriate role, you can proceed to upload metrics, or user data.
defender-for-cloud Release Notes https://github.com/MicrosoftDocs/azure-docs/commits/main/articles/defender-for-cloud/release-notes.md
Title: Release notes for Microsoft Defender for Cloud description: A description of what's new and changed in Microsoft Defender for Cloud Previously updated : 05/17/2022 Last updated : 05/18/2022 # What's new in Microsoft Defender for Cloud?
To learn about *planned* changes that are coming soon to Defender for Cloud, see
Updates in May include: - [Multi-cloud settings of Servers plan are now available in connector level](#multi-cloud-settings-of-servers-plan-are-now-available-in-connector-level)-- [JIT is now available for AWS (Preview)](#jit-is-now-available-for-aws-preview)
+- [JIT (Just-in-time) access for VMs is now available for AWS EC2 instances (Preview)](#jit-just-in-time-access-for-vms-is-now-available-for-aws-ec2-instances-preview)
### Multi-cloud settings of Servers plan are now available in connector level
Updates in the UI include a reflection of the selected pricing tier and the requ
:::image type="content" source="media/release-notes/auto-provision.png" alt-text="Screenshot of the auto-provision page with the multi-cloud connector enabled.":::
-### JIT is now available for AWS (Preview)
+### JIT (Just-in-time) access for VMs is now available for AWS EC2 instances (Preview)
-We would like to announce that Just-in-Time VM access (JIT) is now available (in preview) to protect your AWS EC2 instances.
+When you [connect AWS accounts](quickstart-onboard-aws.md), JIT will automatically evaluate the network configuration of your instances, security groups and recommend which instances need protection for their exposed management ports. This is similar to how JIT works with Azure. When you onboard unprotected EC2 instances, JIT will block public access to the management ports and only open them with authorized requests for a limited time frame.
-Learn how to [JIT protects](just-in-time-access-overview.md#how-jit-operates-with-network-resources-in-azure-and-aws) your AWS EC2 instances.
+Learn how [JIT protects your AWS EC2 instances](just-in-time-access-overview.md#how-jit-operates-with-network-resources-in-azure-and-aws)
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